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In order to assess the advantage of the location of the complexes RIF and to become familiar with the area where they are located, we invite you on a guided tour of the most remarkable places in this part of the Black Sea coast.

We'll walk with you through the cobbled streets of the Old Nessebar, which like a magic chest with ancient treasures. / Distance to RIF - 1.5 km. /

We'll immerse you in the festive atmosphere of Sunny Beach resort, offering countless opportunities to stay fun and enjoyable time. / Distance to RIF - 5 km /

You will enjoy SPA treatments in one of the SPA hotels of the town of Pomorie largest – leveraged the Balkans center for mud. /Distance to RIF - 10 km /

You will like the town of Bourgas, with its charming Sea Park, with broad sunny squares, with numerous parks and gardens, modern shopping malls and colorful markets. / Distance to RIF - 20 km/

Will make you sure that to live in RIF is comfortable, interesting and safe!